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trendywendy's Journal

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6 April
a little wild, a little crazy. that's me, trendy wendy. i like photography, making and watching films, cooking, eating, quaffing cocktails and swilling vino. i love travel. i am into weightlifting and am a soccer fan! (go dc united!!!)
absolutely fabulous, ante razov, atheism, ayn rand, barcelona, bbc america, beer, blue note records, bourbon, bundesliga, cajun food, calcio, capitalism, carlos bocanegra, carolina courage, champions league, cheese, chicago fire, chivas usa, cocktails, college radio, colorado rapids, cooking, coupling, csi, dallas burn, dc united, dema kovalenko, down by law, downtown durham, downtown portland, er, euro 2004, euro2004, exercise, filmmaking, flogging molly, food, foreign films, forensic files, forensic science, forensics, frankie hejduk, freddy adu, french cheese, french films, french food, fromage, fulham, fussball, futbol, germany, good beer, gourmet cooking, homebrewing, homestarrunner, hristo stoitchov, india pale ale, indian food, indie rock, ipod, jazz, jim jarmusch, john coltrane, kansas city wizards, korea, la galaxy, law and order, major league soccer, manchester united, martinis, mc solaar, mens national team, miami fusion, mike petke, miles davis, mls, my old house, ncssm, new england revolution, new orleans, new york metrostars, nyc, objectivism, pearl district, peter nowak, photography, pink martini, pivo, playing soccer, portishead, portland, portland beer, portland timbers, porto, portugal, prague, praha, real salt lake, restoring old houses, richard cheese, ruud van nistelrooy, san jose earthquakes, seoul, soccer, space ghost, sundance, svu, tampa bay mutiny, taylor twellman, the clean sheet, the office, the restaurant, they might be giants, tom waits, trattorias, travel, tulane, uefa, uefa cup, us mens national team, usmnt, watching soccer, weightlifting, werder bremen, wesley willis, whiskey, wine, wire in the blood, world cup, wtul, wxdu, yoga

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